Learn More About the CAP Program

What is CAP?
A step-by-step process for enhancing contraceptive services in the healthcare setting. Includes a set of e-learning modules for every member of the healthcare team to support staff training and a complimentary guide, tools, resources and job aids to support implementation.  
Who is CAP For?
Healthcare professionals who want to contribute to improving birth outcomes and reducing rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion by making sure the women and adolescents they serve have accurate and unbiased information about all FDA-approved birth control methods and an opportunity to be provided their method of choice by a trained healthcare provider. 
Why Does CAP Matter to the Women you Serve?
Most women and couples want to plan the time and spacing of their childbearing. Yet every year almost half of all pregnancies are unintended. Research reveals women lack accurate information about their birth control options, especially the most effective methods like IUDs and implants. Further, when women have accurate information and broad access to these methods they choose them at high rates regardless of race, ethnicity or age with high continuation and reported satisfaction.

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