CAI Logo GradientCAI is a global public health organization with over 35 years of experience in the field of reproductive health. Working as trusted partners to enhance the quality of and access to care for vulnerable populations and underserved communities worldwide, CAI's capacity building services are practical, evidence-informed, and highly collaborative. With a focus on system-level change and continuous quality improvement, CAI assists health care organizations in providing innovative and evidence-based care by building competencies, instilling confidence and teaching new skills that ensure successful outcomes for both providers and clients. CAI's Contraceptive Action Plan (CAP) staff provides training and technical assistance services to health care teams nationwide aimed at increasing the same-day provision of LARC, ensuring LARC methods are consistently available to clinicians, and enhancing contraceptive counseling practices to better meet client needs. For more information about the CAI, please visit:


Final Choice LogoThe Contraceptive CHOICE project began a research project in 2007 to remove the financial barriers to contraception, promote the most effective methods of birth control, and reduce unintended pregnancy in the St. Louis area. Over the course of 4 years we enrolled 9,256 women and participants represent a diverse group of women in terms of age, education and race. In the study, when participants were counseled about all methods of birth control, 75% of the 9,256 women chose a Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive method (LARC: IUD or Implant).Young women under the age of 21 were also interested in the IUD and implant. Over 40% of young women 14-17 years chose the implant, and over 40% of young women 18-20 years chose an IUD. Women using LARC methods had the highest levels of continuation and satisfaction with their methods after two years than women using other methods of contraception. CHOICE is partnering with CAI to translate their research into practice in the real world health center environment. For more information about the Contraceptive CHOICE project, please visit:

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