Implementing CAP - 5 Phases

The CAP is a step-by-step process for enhancing contraceptive services in the healthcare setting. It uses a phased implementation approach for integrating a set of evidence-based and best practices associated with the delivery of contraceptive care into your clinical practice.  
The CAP Implementation Approach includes 5-phases. In each phase, the healthcare team completes a set of key actions leading to enhanced access to contraception for the women and adolescents you serve. The approach has an increased emphasis on a period of planning and preparation that helps to set the stage for staff training and rapid adoption of contraceptive best practices. Click here to download the full document.
Each of the phases are listed below. Click on each phase to reveal a brief description of the purpose of the phase, key actions to be completed and, for each action, a resource to support implementation.

Phase One larger final

Phase Two larger final

Phase Three larger final

Phase Four larger final

Phase Five larger final