Implementing CAP - Phase One

Phase One larger final

In this phase your practice will conduct and reflect on results from a self-assessment of current systems in place to support the delivery of quality contraceptive services. You will leverage your existing quality improvement systems to formally adopt increasing access to contraception as one of the priority quality initiatives by implementing these key actions:

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 Conduct organizational assessment

 CAP Organizational Assessment  

 Examine fiscal considerations

 CAP LARC Cost vs. Reimbursement Modeling Tool

 Identify anticipated client demand and future
 work effort

 Estimating Client Demand and Work Effort Tool

 Estimating Demand/Work Effort for Enanced LARC Access 

 Establish vision for contraceptive care

 Vision for Contraceptive Care Worksheet 

 Establish change leadership structure

 Establishing a Change Leadership Structure Worksheet
 and Fact Sheet