Implementing CAP - Phase Two

Phase Two larger final

In this phase your practice will address gaps identified while conducting your organizational assessment and work to create an organizational context that supports the delivery of contraceptive services and ensures that staff can easily apply new knowledge and skills gained during staff training in clinical practice by implementing these key actions:

Phase Two banner v2

 Address gaps in clinical policies, medication
 formulary and LARC financing

 Clinical Policies 
 Sample Medication Formulary 
 LARC billing codes

 Ensure LARC methods are in stock every day
 services are provided and exam rooms are
 LARC ready

 LARC Exam Room Readiness Checklist 

 Establish performance metrics (PM) and systems
 to report and use PM to improve

 CAP Performance Metrics Guidance 

 Re-design workflow/steps in the delivery of care

 CAP Process Mapping  

 Develop Staff Training Plan

 Staff Training Plan Template 

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