Implementing CAP - Phase Three

Phase Three larger final

In this phase your practice will arrange for, or provide, training to all members of the healthcare team who have been selected to provide contraceptive services by implementing these key actions:

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 CAP Capacity Building Activities Overview

 CAP Training Menu
 Clinician Training: CAP E-learning modules, arrange for
 LARC insertion/removal training, provide mentoring,
 observation and feedback

 Clinician E-learning Course
 Clinician Mentoring Toolkit 
 Clinician Mentoring Toolkit Video

 Counselor Training: CAP E-learning modules, provide
 mentoring, observation and feedback

 Counselor E-learning Course
 CAP Client-Centered Contraceptive Counseling Video
 Contraceptive Counseling Observation Tool 

 Front-line Staff Training: CAP E-learning modules 

 Front-line Staff E-learning Course