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The CAP Resource Center offers web-based tools, job-aids, and resources designed to support healthcare leadership and improvement teams in planning for CAP implementation. 

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CAP Factsheet
A one-page overview of the Contraceptive Action Plan (CAP)


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CAP Strategy: Implementation and Program Model 
A graphical depiction detailing the CAP 5 phases of implementation alongside the key components of the program model. Effectively implementing each of the 5 phases will ensure the health care system is able to create and sustain the program model. Together, this will lead to an increase in women’s access to and use of effective contraception, including LARC methods.

CAP BC Grid IconCAP Birth Control Options Grid
English version
Spanish version (updated version coming soon)

This job aid will help staff identified to provide contraceptive counseling discuss contraceptive options with clients. It includes some of the key things that women care about when selecting a birth control method, including effectiveness, duration, starting/stopping, side effects and how to use the method. It will support counseling staff in providing accurate and unbiased information about their birth control options during a counseling session, and to assist them in supporting the client in selecting a method that best meets their needs.

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LARC Costing Tool
A resource to support healthcare providers in examining assumptions about the affordability of LARC methods. Specifically, it is designed to consider if costs associated with the provision of LARC will be covered (break-even), whether a profit can be realized, or if losses are projected through activities associated with billing third-party payers for the provision of LARC services. Going through this analysis will support healthcare providers in examining the “business case” for the provision of LARC on-site. Information gleaned can also help to support healthcare providers in negotiations with third-party payers, specifically with those plans for which the costs of providing LARC are higher than the reimbursements received.

Icon CAP codesBilling Codes for Contraceptive Care
This document lists all common billing codes associated with contraceptive care and management, including LARC services.




5 Step Model iconCAP 5-Steps of Contraceptive Counseling Model
This provides an overview of the 5 steps for providing client-centered contraceptive counseling. More information about this process can be found in the “CAP Contraceptive Counseling Module 3 – CAP 5-step Process"


E Learning Courses IconCAP E-learning Courses Overview
This provides an overview of all the courses offered as part of the CAP E-learning program.


Patient Experience Survey English IconPatient Experience Survey
English version
Spanish version

The CAP Patient Experience Survey was developed to support health centers examine how clients experience the contraceptive services they receive, which can serve as an important measure of quality care.  The survey assesses the degree to which the patient was satisfied with the contraceptive care they received: did they feel listened to and respected, that they received sufficient information to make a good choice for themselves, any coercion to use a specific birth control method, etc.  Please note that this survey has not been validated through research, but questions were taken from or modified from existing surveys, and the current version of the survey has been used successfully in multiple large health care organizations.

staff structure skill worksheet

Staff Structure and Skill Worksheet
The Staff Structure and Skill Worksheet was developed to support teams in listing all healthcare staff by role and assessing their current capacity to provide key tasks in the delivery of client-centered contraceptive care.



Financing LARC Services
This document lists key activities related to financing LARC services, with a focus on maximizing insurance reimbursement, to sustain provision of highly-effective contraception.




Icon OrganizingOrganizing for Change Checklist
This document lists steps that agency leaders should take in order to ensure that structures and processes are in place to achieve improvement.




Icon CAP Ohio

CAP for Ohio - Guide to Billing and Coding for LARC
A guide on best practices in billing and coding for LARC services to maximize revenue. This guide includes a list of relevant billing codes, common case scenarios, and key considerations for financing LARC services in the state of Ohio


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